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Cisco’s Mobility Express Solution joins the Cisco 521 access point and the Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express Mobility Controller to provide a flexible, cost-effective wireless solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The Mobility Express Solution is part of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System. This is a unified communications solution for SMBs that provides voice, data, video, security, and wireless capabilities. This is done while integrating with other desktop applications like calendar and e-mail to provide a complete package.


The Cisco 521 access point delivers value for offices, classrooms, small warehouses, and comparable environments. Built-in antennas provide omni-directional coverage designed for open workspaces. A multipurpose mounting bracket easily secures Cisco 521 access points to ceilings and walls. With an inconspicuous design, the access points are appealing and mix well into their surrounding environment. For utmost disguise, the access point's UL 2043 rating allows it to be placed above ceilings in areas regulated by municipal fire codes. The Cisco 521 access point helps organizations achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

Part numbers associated with this product;

AIR-AP521G-x-K9, AIR-LAP521G-x-K9, AIR-WLC526-K9

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