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About Extreme Network Equipment

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You know how it works. The demand for bandwidth-hungry, connected applications and services drives the demand for better network infrastructures. The demand for effective network infrastructures creates massive network complexity. Network complexity breeds an entire generation of prematurely balding network managers, because conventional networking solutions do nothing to reduce complexity. They only add to it. That's where Extreme Networks® comes in. We provide powerful, simple network infrastructures so you can stop pulling out your hair.


Enterprises are increasingly dependent on sophisticated, mission-critical applications to provide the strategic competitive advantages that drive growth and profitability. In order to effectively compete in the marketplace, metro providers need to offer new, revenue-generating IP services, while lowering their operating costs. From the beginning, Extreme Networks has been committed to delivering applications and services infrastructures that are inherently simple.


Architecturally simple. Operationally simple. As a result, an applications and services infrastructure built on Extreme's Ethernet technology has a tremendous advantage over conventional approaches. An Extreme-powered network can dramatically increase the performance of networked applications and services while effectively scaling to meet growing demand.


Our comprehensive ExtremeWorksSM service solutions help protect your technology investment and keep your network optimized. And by vastly reducing the complexity of deployment, maintenance and training associated with using switched IP networks, Extreme delivers all these advantages at a lower cost. With businesses constantly vying for the slightest competitive edge, Extreme's focus on simplicity delivers a huge advantage for you.


Dramatically Increasing Network Performance

Extreme pioneered the silicon-based approach to networking, so that networking processes reside in hardware. This approach dramatically outperforms conventional CPU- and software-based routing every time. We originated this concept and continue to lead the industry in every performance category.


The performance advantages don't end there. Such extraordinary capacity has allowed us to build groundbreaking bandwidth management, traffic shaping, and traffic classification tools like Policy-Based Quality of Service (QoS), without the risk of performance bottlenecks.


And we provide multi-tiered ExtremeWorks service solutions to further optimize your network - professional services that deliver proven expertise in planning and implementation, global services management that works as a technical extension of your in-house IT team, support programs that meet your day-to-day support needs, including global technical assistance around the clock. To top it off, our ExtremeWorks Education training program ensures your staff has the comprehensive knowledge and skill set to optimize network performance.


As a result, not only does the Extreme approach reduce network congestion, it also enhances whatever area of network performance our customers deem most vital. Simply put, we magnify the value of the network.


Minimizing the Management of Complexity

Businesses need to support new and existing applications and services in order to meet their business objectives, yet without scaling infrastructure costs. But if their network is built around traditional routing and switching, expanding the network to support sophisticated new applications and services creates increasing levels of complexity. This makes the network more expensive to manage, more likely to break down, and more costly to fix.


An applications and services infrastructure from Extreme starts with the inherent simplicity of a switched-Ethernet platform. Then we amplify it. All Extreme "i" series switches employ a consistent hardware, software and management architecture, making it easy to deploy, manage and scale. We don't need multiple versions of software to tie our network components together - they're built to complement each other from the ground up. Which means an Extreme network is fundamentally more simple and reliable.


An Astounding Reduction in Network Ownership Costs

And all this increased value is delivered at a lower cost - a lower cost on virtually every line item of network expense.

  • Lower capital investment costs - An Extreme-powered network is a masterstroke of simplicity. It requires fewer and less costly components than other solutions. And the cost of future upgrades will merely compound those savings.
  • Lower deployment costs - a network founded on the simplicity and familiarity of Ethernet and IP is quick to deploy, thereby minimizing network disruptions.
  • Lower network operating costs - a simple network suffers fewer breakdowns, which are more easily fixed. A simple network, with extensive automated management built in, is not labor-intensive.
  • Lower network management costs - a simple network is easier to train network managers, and with the worldwide ubiquity of Ethernet and IP, there is already a vast pool of people who understand the fundamentals of its operation.

Taken together, the direct and indirect costs of an Extreme network have proved to be significantly less than other network solutions.


Creating the Future-Ready Infrastructure

Conventional networks don't scale, easily or cost-effectively. Networks from Extreme do. A prime advantage of our simplified approach is that your network is scalable as you grow.


But future-readiness means far more than scalability. Extreme's technology vision is Ethernet Everywhere® - a unified global network architecture, based on a single technology, capable of delivering any application or service to any port, anywhere in the world, at any time. Ethernet and IP will be the de facto standard, the unifying element across a single, seamless global network. And Extreme is the foundation on which it will be built.


One Vision: From the Enterprise to the metro and beyond

Extreme's Ethernet Everywhere vision and the convergence between our two primary markets - large enterprises and metro providers - uniquely position us to provide significant advantages to both. We have built some of the largest enterprise networks in the world. These enterprises are building global business networks with ever increasing mission-critical applications. By extending the Ethernet experience beyond the LAN via Ethernet metro technologies, Extreme's enterprise solutions deliver scalable, robust and easy-to-manage networks to support mission-critical applications. Including seamless integration with new metro provider offerings.


Similarly, we have a major presence with both next-generation service providers who are building out Ethernet metro networks and ILECs and IXCs who are looking to seamlessly migrate their existing legacy network to a leading-edge Ethernet metro network. Extreme's metro provider solutions provide advanced service provisioning and management tools with the resiliency of legacy technologies, all at a lower cost and using an easy to manage platform.


The realization of Extreme's Ethernet Everywhere vision naturally creates an overlap between Extreme's two primary markets: large enterprises and metro providers. As a result, Extreme is perfectly positioned to leverage the convergence between these two markets, making us a valuable resource for both enterprises and metro providers.


The Making of a Technology Leader - the Extreme Story

Extreme is committed to solving the single, defining business problem for the early 21st century: implementing the most effective applications and services infrastructure. This way, companies can keep up with the increasing demand for mission-critical applications and services, in order to better meet business objectives and gain a competitive advantage.


This single-minded focus has led us to build some of the largest networks in the world - Air Products and Chemicals, Arrowhead AB, China Telecom, Compaq, Deutsche Bank, Korea Telecom, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Microsoft, Siemens and YIPES. We are a true global company - more than 50% of our revenues are generated outside of North America. We are committed to a true global technology - Ethernet is the platform for virtually all local area networks (LANs) worldwide - and is readily being used to connect metro and wide area networks (WANs).


The promise of our Ethernet Everywhere vision is being realized. Extreme Networks is creating a future of easily deployed, highly scalable, intelligently managed network infrastructures - and we are the best resource for reaching that future first.

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Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks allows seamless growth and expansion without the need for large upgrades. Stackable Summit 10/100 Ethernet switches and the modular and upgradeable BlackDiamond chassis-based switches help expand networks without increasing the number of devices to be managed. Used Extreme network equipment


HP provides infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. Used HP network equipment


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