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Power over Ethernet

Gigabit over Copper



Power over Ethernet

Introducing the Used Foundry FastIron Edge 2402POE and 4802POE

Industry's First 802.3af PoE Used Foundry Product Family
FastIron Edge PoE Applications


The Industry’s First 802.3af POE Used Foundry Product Family

  • Standards-based Used Foundry FastIron Edge 2402 POE and 4802 POE

    •  24-ports or 48-ports of 10/100 Ethernet with In-Line Power over Ethernet support

    •  2 Media-flexible Gigabit Ethernet ports (Copper and/or mini-GBIC)

  •  Business Justification

    •  Businesses count on Call Quality – Ultra-low latency and advanced QoS

    • Enterprises need High Availability – Power supply redundancy and 802.1W

    • Protection from rogue users through IronShield Security – Wire-speed ACLs and 802.1x

  • Industry Leading Used Foundry POE Support

    • Used Foundry is the only vendor delivering hot swappable, redundant power (600 watts) with sufficient power for every port, up to 480 Watts PoE per system with 1 power supply

    • Auto detection of PoE devices and short-circuit protection

    • IEEE 802.3af standards based

Used Foundry FastIron Edge Switch PoE Applications

  • Enterprise-class In-Line Power for IP Phones

  •  Power and data over the existing CAT5 wiring

  • Leading power management features including per-port short-circuit protection

  • Advanced IP features for great call quality

  • Ideal for Wireless LAN (802.11 a/b/g)

  • Save on wiring costs and simplify installation with just one CAT5 cable to access points

  • IronShield security including 802.1x and sFlow for securing wireless infrastructure

  • Great support for next-gen IP devices

  • Connect next-gen IP devices such as security cameras with just one CAT5 cable for power and data

  • Simplifies installation and offers continuous functioning with power protection


Gigabit over Copper

Introducing the Used Foundry FastIron Edge 12GCF
Distribution and Aggregation Excellence in a Compact Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Small Enterprise Backbone for Distribution Complements EdgeIron Products
Gigabit Aggregation In the EnterpriseComplements FastIron Edge Products

Distribution and Aggregation Excellence in a Compact Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • Business Justification

    • Unique combination of 12 Gig copper or fiber ports for great flexibility and low cost in one unit 

    • Ideal small to medium enterprise backbone and distribution solution

    • Complements Used Foundry’s EdgeIron and FastIron Edge Families

  • Applications

    • Gigabit aggregation and small backbone

    • Gigabit Copper to server or desktop

  • Only L2/L3 switch offering wire-speed network traffic monitoring through sFlow (RFC 3176) technology

  • Advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 features including 802.1w, 802.1x, RIP and OSPF

Small Enterprise Backbone for Distribution Complements Used Foundry EdgeIron Products

  • High Flexibility

  • Data center connectivity and distribution using GbE copper and GbE fiber distribution

  • Cost-effective and simple

  • High-speed, high-performance backbone with complete L3 software feature set in a 1.5 RU form factor

Gigabit Aggregation In the EnterpriseComplements Used Foundry FastIron Edge Products


  • High-density wiring closet

    • Excellent distribution unit for connecting multiple modular L2 Used Foundry FastIron switches

  • Cost-effective and highly efficient

    • Includes complete and advanced Layer 2 features, software upgradeable to deliver full Layer 3 features

  • Great media flexibility and distance range Combo GbE ports, which supports copper and fiber (up to 70 Km) links, delivers an easy and low cost GbE uplink connection


Introducing the Used Foundry NetIron 4802

The Worlds Most Compact Powerful Router with IPv6
Why IPv6?
Used Foundry NetIron 4802 IPv4 Applications
Used Foundry NetIron 4802 IPv6 Applications

The Worlds Most Compact Powerful Router with IPv6

  • Speed, Capacity and Raw Horsepower

    • High-speed 500 Mhz PowerPC processor and 512 MB of SDRAM for super fast route processing and scalability

      • 2 million BGP routes and 200 peers

      • 200,000 OSPF routes

    • 4 MB Ternary CAM for ultra-low latency and wire-speed extended ACLs

  • High-performance IPv6 routing features

    • BGP4, OSPF, IS-IS, and RIPng based Internet RFCs

  • Used Foundry JetCore ASIC Wire-speed network monitoring based on sFlow RFC 3176 technology

  • The Route Processing and Scalability Power of a High-end NetIron Router In a Compact Form Factor at a US List Price of $14,995!

    • Costs less than the management or sup module of high-end routers

  • Business Justification

    • Advanced security features keeps intrusive traffic isolated and protects corporate assets

      • Features include port security, 802.1X, and ACLs

    • Rate Limiting for service differentiation, SLA adherence

      • Inbound and Outbound Rate Limiting

      • Inbound per HW Queue Rate Limiting

      • Inbound per ACL Rate Limiting

    • sFlow extensive traffic monitoring delivers ability to see IPv4 and IPv6 network flows

  • Robust and Scaleable Routing Implementation

    • Robust BGP4 and OSPF

      • Up to 2 million BGP4 routes

      • Up to 200 peers

      • 200,000 OSPF Routes

    • Comprehensive IS-IS Implementation

    • 4 Mb of total TCAM equivalent to 128,000 Layer 3 lookups

  • Complete Multicast Support

    • PIM Sparse/Dense, DVMRP, MBGP, MSDP, and IGMP

  • Scalable JetCore Rule-based ACLs

    • 4,096 line wire-speed ACLs

Why IPv6?

  • Not enough IP addresses; IPv4 is limited (232 or 4 billion IP addresses)

    • American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) states 60% of the IPv4 addresses now in use

  • New Wave of IP devices, mobility and services

    • 530 million hosts (RFC 3194 limit 250 million hosts); 1 billion phones and 7 billion human population

  • Special IPv6 Emphasis in Many Regions Across the Globe

    • Formal announcement of IPv6 in the e-Japan Initiative plan, 2000 IPv6 Promotion council tax incentive program, 2002-2003 European Commission IPv6 project funding: 6NET & Euro-IX; China requires IPv6 for their collaboration with Japan

Used Foundry NetIron 4802 IPv4 Applications

  • Service Provider Applications

    • Used Foundry edge router where space is at premium

    • Metro CPE with Metro Ring Protocol, rate limiting and sFlow

    • Managed data center services

  • Enterprise Applications

    • Balance peer to multiple ISPs

    • Load balance traffic across multiple ISP connections

NetIron 4802 IPv6 Applications

  • Foundry's industry-first IPv6 Protocol VLANs

    • Allows a complete network of IPv6 servers and applications with IPv6 VLANs and routing

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Co-Existence

    • IPv4 and IPv6 Protocol VLANs

    • IPv6 Routing of IPv6 VLANs

  • Allows IPv6 Application Development and Testing

    • Ideal solution for IPv6 early adopters

    • Allows IPv6 application developers to port and test IPv6 applications


Foundry Networks and the "Iron" family of products marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Foundry Networks, Inc., in the United States and other countries. Allstar Networks, LLC is not affiliated in any way with Foundry Networks, Inc. and is not an authorized reseller of Foundry Networks products.


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We currently provide high quality, new and used network equipment from the following well-known manufacturers:

Foundry Networks, Inc.

Foundry Networks, Inc. provides high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing, security, and application traffic management solutions including edge and backbone Ethernet switches, Web and content-aware application switches, network-wide security solutions, wireless LAN and access points, wide area access routers and internet provider edge and service provider core MPLS routers. Used Foundry network equipment


Nortel Networks

Nortel delivers innovative technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to help people solve the world's greatest challenges. Used Nortel network equipment


Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems has a comprehensive line of servers, storage, software and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Network Equipment Providers (NEP). Used Sun network equipment


Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks’ purpose-built, high-performance IP platforms enable customers to support many different services and applications at scale. Used Juniper network equipment

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the internet. Used Cisco network equipment


Enterasys / Cabletron

Enterasys designs integrated hardware and software solutions that intelligently sense and automatically respond to security threats – and proactively prevent threats from entering networks. Used Enterasys and Cabletron network equipment



Brocade provides platforms, solutions, and services for connecting, managing, and optimizing IT resources in shared storage environments. Used Brocade network equipment


Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks allows seamless growth and expansion without the need for large upgrades. Stackable Summit 10/100 Ethernet switches and the modular and upgradeable BlackDiamond chassis-based switches help expand networks without increasing the number of devices to be managed. Used Extreme network equipment


HP provides infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the world's most powerful supercomputer installations. Used HP network equipment


Marconi / Fore

Marconi is a multi-regional designer, manufacturer and supplier of telecommunications and information technology equipment and services. Their network technology enables customers to evolve narrowband networks to next-generation broadband networks. Used Marconi network equipment


Riverstone Networks

Riverstone Networks provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. Used Riverstone network equipment


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